Friday, April 8, 2016

Random 5 Friday

Its time for Random 5 Friday 

1. Its April and it feels like winter damp, chilly, rain, flurries. Please mother nature send some warmer temperatures.

2. Tried a new flavor of coffee today. I think it might be my new favorite its called Vanilla  Sunrise; it has a blend of vanilla, cherry, plus a touch of almond. Yummy 

3. With this crazy weather we've been having my poor hubby is aching all over. Arthritis is not fun
another reason mother nature needs to get her act together.

4. Those of you who know me know Tickle my puggle. We had a mishap a few weeks back Sherman our other pup was trying to get Tickle to play. He accidentally knocked Tickle off the bed. Poor Tickle ended up with a dislocated ankle not fun, he's all healed up now. It was a long four weeks with a cone and splint.

5. What are we doing on a Friday night Taxes, Taxes Taxes

Your up next whats your Random 5

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, I am so sorry for your sweet Tickle. I hope he heals quickly. I know they do not like waearing those cones. The coffee sounds delish! We had some snow overnight, winter does not want to leave. Have a happy weekend!

Ida said...

What a pretty photo of the Pussywillow.
1. We've had beautiful April weather so far. I'm sorry you've not had the same.
2. That sounds yummy.
3. No it's not fun at all.
4. Oh poor Tickle. Who by the way is adorable.
5. Hubby takes our taxes to have someone else do them so I don't even worry about it.

Hula La said...

I love the pussywillow! Haven't found them here in New York yet. The April snow and cold temps are sure doing a number on everything here. I don't drink coffee anymore, but I can sure smell that one! Yum! Nice to meet you at Random 5! Aloha.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

The cone of shame. Always a pleasant experience! Glad he's healed up okay. Thanks so much for joining in my friend. xo