Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here's mine

1. Missing
All the  leaves have gone missing.

2. Numbers

A bench at the airport.

3. Purple
A purple cast from the lights.


My son's leather bracelets.

That's it now head on over to Ashley's for more SHS photos
Happy shooting!!


Kimberly said...

Great set! That bench is awesome!

TexWisGirl said...

that bench is so cool! i like the bracelet, too!

eileeninmd said...

Cool images, Saun! I love the shots of the son and the bench. Have a great day!

Brian King said...

I didn't know your son was a guitar player! Very cool! Great photos! Love the first one!

Debbie said...

Wonderful, I love seeing your son! He made things easy for you this week!

seabluelee said...

What an amazing bench! I'd be afraid to sit on it. Love the photos of your son - I think bracelet is my favorite. It's a great pose.

Dave said...

Interesting photos Saun. Specially the numbers ones - Dave

Dave said...
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Jeanne said...

All lovely shots! Your son's leather bracelets look great! Handmade??