Monday, July 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Caleb's hands wrapped around  Tickle Berry's head.

Time Together

Toys for Tots poker run good times

Tell Me a story
Hi, as all my blogger friends know I've spent pretty much the whole summer hanging
out in my backyard. Sitting and watching my puppies, and the critters in my yard.
Here's one of them, our  friendly squirrel. 


Beautiful reflection of the bridge.

Stop over at Ashley's for more SHS photos


TexWisGirl said...

really nice, saun! love the 'tell me a story' pose! precious!

Debbie said...

these are really great saun. the reflection shot is my favorite!!

Jill said...

These are super! I like "love" the best. :)

heyBJK said...

Awesome shots! The squirrel made me laugh! The bridge photo for duplicated is wonderful! Nice choice!

My Inner Chick said...


Especially "WRAPPED!" X

Brooke said...

LOOOOOVE these. Your duplicated shot is devine ;D

Robyn said...

Lovely set of pictures Saun! I really like the squirl and your edit. A turquoise bridge, how fun.